Vision:  Speak!  Defend!  Proclaim!

Ex Nihilo is a non-profit and independent speech and debate club serving the greater San Diego, CA area.

What we believe:

  • We believe in the search for the truth.
  • We believe in the centrality of teaching students to think critically, to question and analyze information, to synthesize coherent ideas, to communicates those ideas in cogent written and oral arguments, and to defend those ideas under probing cross-examination.
  • We believe that all instruction should be informed by Christian example and belief, and it should be executed by Christian behavior with Christian intent.
  • We believe that all instruction should be under the aegis of private supervision and ultimately parental authority.
  • We believe that the true vehicle to learning is in applying the lessons of club in strenuous, honest competition.
  • We believe that the exercise of competitive Christian Homeschool speech and debate is so vital to the raising up of any generation of students that we stand ready to support and assist all people from all clubs, leagues, and homeschooling groups in their pursuit of these goals.

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